Monday, January 16, 2012

They can't all be winners...

Guess what?  There were no alarms set to wake us up in The Triathlife home this morning. No, it wasn't by mistake. Rather, we both had a work holiday for MLK Day, and Coach Liz gave us the gift of a complete rest day, so we got to sleep in as late as we wanted!  This happens oh, maybe three or four times per year?  It felt downright luxurious.  Of course I was still up by 6:45am (really, that IS sleeping in for me!).....this guy needed to go outside and wanted to play ball:

And then since I was up and the house was still quiet, I decided to get a jump on dinner for tonight.  

My mom got me this great gluten free cookbook from Cooking Light for Christmas and I've been dying to try some of the recipes.  I decided on meatloaf (I like to look for lighter versions of some of our favorite winter "comfort" foods) with honey glazed carrots.  So I did all of my prep and chopping and had dinner ready to go by about 8am.  Nothing I love more than a productive morning!

The rest of the day was spent running errands and catching up on chores.  Our active recovery consisted of a long walk with the cute pup above (YAY for 40 degree temps and clear sidewalks!) and some stretching. Then it was time to finish cooking dinner.

 And this is how my beautiful meatloaf turned out:


Seriously, is that not the nastiest thing you've ever seen (the bad picture quality doesn't do it any favors)?!!  And even worse, it was all cooked unevenly.  Thank goodness for "Him".  He's such a trooper and made the best of the half-cooked, tough and runny blob of meat.  Honestly, I'm not sure what I did wrong, nor do I think I'll spend much time trying to figure it out.  They can't all be winners, right?

Back to work and our Well Fit pre-season class tomorrow.  It's supposed to be another cold and snowy day.  Glad we took advantage of the nice temps today while we could!  Hope everyone has a great week!


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