Saturday, February 18, 2012

Functional Strength Awesomeness

On Wednesday I met our good friends Matt and Anne at the FFC club up on Halsted (Boystown to those of you that know Chicago) after work for a TRX session with Trainer Josh. I love to strength train and after I I took a stab at being a personal trainer a few years ago I am a big proponent of functional strength - strength training with movement across multiple planes and utilizing multiple muscle groups. Enter TRX. Or fun with straps. Here's a snap shot of what TRX is.

The class is kinda like doing circuit training. Moving back and forth between different exercises using the straps to perform any number of body-weight contortions and movements. Reps based on time not by an exact number. The one muscle group constant no matter what position you find your self in is your core - hips, butt, abs and lower back are put to worked during every exercise and then occasionally overloaded when focused upon.  My biggest concern during the session was getting all caught up in the straps and twisting an ankle or, worse, getting so completely tangled necessitating a CFD rescue with the jaws of life to cut me loose. But as it turned out my worries were unwarranted and everything was fine due to Trainer Josh's attentiveness to me being a TRX newbie.

While the session was a solid ass whooping the equipment set-up was right out on the main floor. We were definitely on display like a badly choreographed circus patrons walking around us with their "wtf" stares. No matter. I'm going to sign up for enough sessions to take me through the end of March. Ironman strength work be damned. By April I want to be able to do this.


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