Sunday, February 12, 2012

One week down 30 to go

One down 30 more to go. Lets go to the tape:
Swim: 4035 Meters
Bike: 49.1 Miles
Run: 10.1 Miles

All bike miles on the trainer and all running on the treadmill. Different reasons: biking indoors 'cause I simply don't bike outside when its below freezing (hurl your insults...while your snot is freezing I'm sweating and comfy and watching Letterman on the DVR); running on the treadmill to keep some IT pain at bay. Supplementing with time on the elliptical. So my intervals on the treadmill are intense - speed, tempo or incline. Maximizing my running time and eliminating garbage miles. Also spent almost 90 minutes strength training over three sessions. All told almost 7 hours.

Crap, 7 more months of this. Who does this? The next seven months all focused on one day. Coach Liz went around to every computrainer on Tuesday night and asked us what our motivation was. I didn't know what to say so I got smart ass and said I lost a bet. Had our first swim class with Coach K (Keith). Really good guy but he really pushes us in the pool. This is going to be a love/hate relationship. Coach K is making me kick without fins so I spent half of the workout on Thursday cursing him out. Sorry Keith - I know it will make me a better swimmer....just keepin it real;)

Not only are we kicking laps but while we go about laying the ground work for our season he has us doing deep water vertical kicking. Not ever going to mock a synchronized swimmer again. Think I'm kidding? Next time you find yourself in deep water (unless its a life and death rescue) just for shits and grins get your self upright and start to kick (not tread kicking but pretend you are kicking on your stomach but you're vertical - hence the name). Now raise your hands straight up over your head. I sank like a rock and  Jen rocked it. She totally kicks ass in the pool.


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