Saturday, February 4, 2012

What the Doctor Ordered

I'm back from an unplanned blogging hiatus.  After thinking I just *might* make it through this winter without my dreaded annual winter cold, I got hit pretty bad at the end of last week.  So I spent four days in bed and ate lots of this....

.....homemade chicken soup.  Just what the doctor ordered!

While it's NEVER fun to be sick, the timing worked out perfect with my training schedule.  I got hit at the end of the last week of pre-season training.....actually one day after a "surprise" power test from Coach Liz at Well Fit....I think that max effort was enough to put my body over the edge!  Then I had this whole past week to focus on getting better since the official Well Fit Ironman program doesn't start until Monday.  I am finally feeling nearly 100% and ready to go just in time!

Speaking of what the doctor ordered....I went in for my annual physical a few weeks ago and they did a blood panel that showed more vitamin deficiencies.  The most serious is B12, for which I now need to get injections for the next six weeks.  I was really, really hesitant about getting a vitamin injected into my muscle, but my doctor says my body is not absorbing it from food like it should.  This may have something to do with my gluten allergy and they are going to do testing for celiac disease once again.  Fingers crossed that it's negative, because while I have been really, really good about cutting the gluten from my diet it would be an incredible adjustment to not be able to touch the stuff.  Ever.  I won't have my blood re-tested for about six weeks, so I'll keep you posted!  Anyone else have vitamin deficiencies they've been able to correct through food or supplementation?  How long before you were able to notice a difference in how you felt?

Off for an exciting Saturday night of Top Chef watching before I pass out in bed early.  Long run planned for the morning....just THREE weeks until the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Happy weekend!


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