Monday, March 12, 2012

Just another Monday...

This is a typical Monday morning at The Triathlife….

4:30am:  Abruptly shaken from a lovely deep sleep by annoying buzzing and battling iPhone alarms.  Immediately followed by **INSERT YOUR CHOICE OF EXPLETIVES HERE.**  The phones are quickly silenced by hitting “snooze” and then….

HER: Are you going to swim?

HIM: Are you?

HER: I’m sooooo tired.  I really, really, really don’t want to.  Whine, whine, whine.

HIM: Why is this always my choice?

By this point in the “conversation” going back to sleep is pointless since we’ve both woken up enough to get out of bed.  But it continues…

HER: I could just swim Thursday and next weekend instead.

HIM: BIG irritated sigh.  Why is this always up to me?

HER: Because I’m tiiiiiiiired.

HIM: Gets out of bed….Well, I’m going.


Then we both get ready and drive to the gym in silence.  Jump into the pool, wake up and realize everything is going to be okay.

And so it went this morning.  Except for it was 10x as bad because we lost an hour to Daylight Savings Time yesterday and thus our bodies thought it was only 3:30am when those dang alarms went off.  But I’m still glad I got it done. :)

Question: Why does swimming make me SO hungry?!  Anyone?  Anyone?

Here’s a peek at what’s on tap for Team Schmitty the rest of the week:

Mon: 2500 yd swim
Tues: Group bike/run
Wed: 50" run + strength
Thurs: 45" bike + group swim
Fri: REST!
Sat: 2:15 bike + 30" split run
Sun: 1:20 long run + optional swim

Hope you all have a good one!

-          - HER

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J2 said...

And why does the chlorine at the FFC make me smell like a giant sharpie?

I thought I was being much more eloquent this morning. Apparently I am a bit of a sleep deprived tool in the wee hours of the day.