Monday, May 14, 2012

Exhausted and paranoid

Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday I had to crawl out of the wrapper at 4am to get in whatever training I was doing that day (Saturday was technically 5am ET but my body clock said it was 4am CT). I wasn't a good triathlete, getting myself to bed early on those nights either. Because we were traveling I had to wedge in my longer weekend workouts all on  5-6 hours a sleep each night. So by the time Saturday afternoon arrived and my morning dark roast 'bucks had worn off, I was one tired cat. Normally you would find me grabbing some space on the floor in front of the TV for some quick shut eye but Saturday found us in Michigan for my niece's first communion.

So to set the scene, there I am in Church, perched in a pew, desperately trying to understand the Polish priest (who I swear was Russian - c'mon Chekov, let's see that work visa) exhausted and becoming severely paranoid and aware of myself - you know, like when you're out at the bar or a restaurant all buzzed but you have to make that u-turn because you can't let yourself get full on drunk. So you start sucking down water and taking deep breathes to clear your head - "just be cool, you're not drunk, don't laugh so loud, don't make that face, why are my lips all tingly?" Except in Church I was all "Am I the only one standing? I think I just said the wrong words. Was I the only one talking out load just now? Why am I making this face?" So I resorted to the only thing at my disposal, I popped a piece of gum and discreetly played thumb war with the non-communion receiving niece. Damn does she have strong thumbs for a 6 year old.

Here's Jen walking into church with said thumb warring niece.

And, what does the Ironwoman accessorize with in the spring? Pink Kinesio tape of course. Why? Because the black is for formal wear silly.

And check out those yams. Rowrrr.

- Him.

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