Thursday, May 10, 2012

Triathlon Tuesdays and Ironman Wednesdays

Oh I get it basically Ironman is training broken up by a rest period where I either work or sleep.

Here's your Ironman IQ test for the day....what comes next in the following sequence:

train | work | train | sleep |train | work | train | sleep

Jen and I both needed to jump on the trainer this morning but we also had hard stop times which meant I needed to be spinning before 4:30am to make sure everyone got to where they were headed on time. Lance and I are currently showing signs of this pre-predawn rising. I was more than happy to start my ride with a caffeinated gel. Also had some good DVR fodder waiting for me in the form of Letterman. Electric Guest was on a few nights ago making their network TV debut with the single "This Head I Hold." I downloaded this song a few weeks ago and their live performance didn't disappoint. Nice little diddy.

(hold on iTunes is playing Christmas music...wth?!.....and we're back)

We're headed home this weekend and have a schedule that isn't so forgiving and understanding of our little "hobby." So we shoehorning in our workouts as best we can. I think tonight's swim may be the lone casualty of the week. Not sure I can do this morning, tonight's swim and then turn around and be on my bike by 5:00am tomorrow morning for a three hour ride (plus a 30 minute brick run). Ouch.

In other endurance news, please enjoy a few of Brooks "Run Happy" spots featuring the Running Super Fans - Randy and Jason Sklar. I have a call into HR to institute Triathlon Tuesdays and Ironman Wednesdays here in the home office.



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