Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recovery Week - Take me out to the ball game...

"Recovery" week! Kinda needed this one. Lots of stretching and a little bit of skipping non essential workouts. Trying to get a little bit of normal feeling back in my body. Some folks choose to  power through their recovery weeks. Its that Type A triathlete guilt - More is more! they say. Not I. I've done the more is more and that just results in a broken Schmitty. Sometimes the body wants what the body wants and you have to give in to that. No matter what peer pressure or guilt pangs you may feel. It's ok to have a blank square on the calendar every now and again.

So what does The Triathlife do during recovery week? Well we get all stupid up in here and (gasp) stay out past curfew! We go to a Cubs/Tigers game.

Perfect timing, perfect match up, perfect night.

Cubs with her head. Tigers with her heart.
The Triathlife heart's the Tigers but living in Chicago we generally root for the Cubs as well (the ONLY Chicago team we have any positive feelings toward by the way). So we just had to go to at least one game in the series and it perfectly landed during the middle of a recovery week (awesome). And nothing says "summer of awesome" like gettin in a game at Wrigley.

And even though its recovery week I made sure to stay hydrated (Old Style!) and my electrolytes balance (salted hot pretzel anyone?!).

- Him

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Molly said...

Ha! I totally look at things like movie popcorn as salt replenishment :)