Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - End...scene.

Its that time of year where writers, editors and tabloid TV segment producers throw on the auto-pilot and put together gratuitous year-end lists and look backs in lieu of actual thought provoking content.

The Triathlife is no exception.

But since The Triathlife is so awesome we are keeping our lists nice and tight. And we'd love to hear from you.

What were your highs and lows in the world of endurance sport? What were your proudest moments? What word would best describe your year? Do you have any embarrassing stories you wish to anonymously post?

We'd love to hear from ya.


Proudest moment -- Finishing the Door County half ironman with a 20 minute half ironman PR and a nearly one hour course PR. I had gotten progressively slower at this distance over the past few years and went into this race with more training and confidence than ever before. Despite some tummy troubles on the bike I blew away all of my expectations!

Darkest moment -- About three hours into the bike at Ironman Wisconsin. With terrible stomach pain, the relentless wind howling in my helmet and knowing I still had four+ hours left to ride. I wanted nothing more than to ditch my bike on the side of the road and have a temper tantrum (I didn't...phew!).

Happiest moment -- Seeing Jonathan waiting for me at mile 23 of the Ironman marathon. I loved run/walking the last three miles together and then of course enjoying the finishers chute....pure and utter happiness!

Year in a word -- Breakthrough.

Fave pics --

My new bike Betsy!!

After rocking the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Having fun during the Ironman Wisconsin run!

Proudest moment --  or should I say moments. I keep a mental bucket of awesome. Small moments or little accomplishments that outside of my own head are meaningless. Like, every time I won my computrainer screen after a bike workout at Well-Fit...or the swim segments of both the Door County HIM and Ironman Wisconsin (for very different reasons and not at all for time) Horribly Hilly when I gave Robbie Ventura "the look" at the start of Mounds Park Rd....or throwing down the hammer on Old Sauk at IMWI just like the wee man thought he could. Yeah, that's the good stuff.

Darkest moment -- Lakeshore path during the late hours of the IMWI run. I have to imagine that this is one of those areas of the UW campus where they tell the young ladies not to walk after dark. They need to light that trail better. Creeeeee-py. Like campy 1970's thriller movie with the mask wearing assailant and his trusty meat cleaver while the car refuses to turn over kind of creepy.

Happiest moment -- This:

Year in a word -- Awesome-riffic.

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