Monday, December 10, 2012

Training Diary - Week of Dec 3

Dear Training Diary....

Monday 12/3
AM - This morning was a 60 minute trainer ride with a 3-4-5-6-5-4-3 minute up and down ladder interval spin cadence thingy. Not very exciting and the legs were still blown from Saturday's bike trainer TT. Watched recent 30 Rock and an early season Office ep. Haven't watched much since Steve Carell left the show. Finding that trainer rides are hard to execute on work mornings...Jen goes first and while she's riding I'm pulling myself out of bed and outside for doggie detail. Thankful to work at home or this set-up wouldn't work for the Triathlife.

PM - Almost didn't make it to the Union Station FFC for Triathlete boot camp with Trainer Josh. It was down to the wire but at 5:05 I put the internet on hold and punched my foot through the floor of the Tiguan setting land speed records on I290 operated my vehicle in a safe and legal manner while traveling down the I 290 to be in the Loop by 5:30. Lots of non-stop crazy core and strength work. The general use gym going folk must think we're nuts. I just do what I'm told hoping that kettle bell squat to overhead press and large rope whips will somehow enable me to an Olympic distance PR sometime next summer. Returned home from this nonsense by 7P so I could immerse myself by to building the internet for another 3+ hours. I love my clients.

Tuesday  12/4
AM - Reflecting back on this morning's swim I have to assume coach Liz created this nonsense workout channeling Coach Normal Dale (Gene Hackman) in Hoosiers "My practices are NOT designed for your enjoyment!"

PM -  an easy 5 miler around the lower OP. Ran just after rush hour in all my reflective and blinky light glory. At this time of year I'm pretty certain that most drivers see me as some sort of Christmas decoration....I just blend into the scenery a little bit. Gotta be on high alert running out there during the winter blackness. Made it home in time for a special night and time Shark Tank!

Wednesday 12/5
Lance decided he need to wake us up at 3:30 this morning. I assumed the worst and ran the boy outside. He obliged but it was no emergency. Turns out he just wanted some snacks and play time. Should've hopped on the trainer right then while I was full awake. Long story short, Wednesday's workout has been pushed to Thursday and Friday's rest day has been cancelled due to dog.

Thursday 12/6
It's Daniel's birthday today. If you're keeping score at home he's The Peter Schmit's #7. I'm #2. There are 14 years between us. I'm sad to say i don't know Daniel the man very well. I still only think of him in terms of age 1 through about 9. He did the bulk of his growing up off my watch. But I digest. Trainer ride today....60 minutes. 60 minutes and I can usually get through two Letterman's on the DVR depending on the guest and the musical act. Matt Damon was on earlier in the week. Although from the northeast Matt can't ice skate. But to Dave's delight he does a spot on impression of Matthew McConaughey. BTW - I skipped the 10 minute run after the ride due to lack of interest. 

Friday 12/7
'Tis the season for going out with friends and celebrating the holidays with good food and strong drink. But we went swimming tonight instead. I loved this workout. Killed it. Shhh....don't tell my coach or it won't ever appear in the calendar again (see Tuesday). BTW - it is really easy to get a lane in the pool at 5PM. On a Friday. In December. Just sayin. In fact I could have used two lanes. One for going out and one for coming back. 

Saturday 12/8
Long trainer ride today. Finished off my DVR'd Lettermans. National treasure and legendary funny man, Bill Murray paid a visit. Bill always delivers. Didn't want to overdue the workout....The Triathlife was headed to The Joffrey Ballet's Nutcracker later in the day. The ballet is a fine place to fall asleep but I really want to be a team player this time out. Hooked up later in the evening for dinner at the Park Grill with The Peter Schmit's #5, his lovely wife and their little Schmit.

Sunday 12/9
Long slow run. Been absorbing the importance of keeping the long run plenty slow. Its keeping me healthy. There's no structure to the long run at this point....just loading the Schmitty endurance tank. The Triathlife headed off for a little mid morning brunchness at The Marion Street Cheese Market in the OP. I recommend the crispy oat cakes...if you're a wee man like me you will want to share. Plenty rich, plenty dense and plenty good.

- Him

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