Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello January 2013!

A summary of 2013 thus far....

It's been a sniffling, sneezing, miserable, sleepy kind of year so far. Let's hope that changes soon! Being sick has especially been a bummer because this is my favorite time of year. I love organizing, planning and making lists, so I'm big on setting weekly/monthly/yearly goals and resolutions. Of course, two days into the new year and I've missed all of my workouts and my nutrition is not quite back on track yet either. But let's pretend tomorrow (Thursday) is really January 1 and it will be my day to start anew. Here are my goals for this wintry first month of the year:

1. Just follow the plan! Hit ALL of my bike workouts for the USAT club challenge (go Salt Creek Tri Club)!
2. Lose 3-4 pounds. Do this by tracking calories (Livestrong) and clean eating Monday through Saturday.
3. Sign up for 2013 races!
4. Get to church every weekend to keep life in the right perspective
5. Schedule a date weekend to see the CSO the last weekend in January

Let's hope this cold hits the road and I can get back on track quickly!! 

What do you all have planned for the month ahead?


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Julie Mason said...

Oh no, feel better! Nothing is worse than being sick and feeling like you can't do anything. For January, I will kick off my half ironman training with 2x cycling, 2x week running, 3x week swimming, 2x week yoga & 3x week weight lifting. And clean eating: doing a cleanse with a group of friends that removes dairy, gluten, meat, corn, refined sugar and alcohol. I am keeping my one cup of coffee each morning :)