Friday, January 25, 2013

I move to cancel January

I've become a winter curmudgeon.

I used to relish in my hardiness during those bottom falling out of the thermostat cold snaps as co-workers would make water cooler small talk about the weather and I would boast..."eh, its not that bad...I ran this morning!" I loved the looks of disbelief as I was doing the unfathomable. 

What happened to me? I don't know if its that I've become soft or if I just lack the tolerance due to age. Wise men don't suffer fools gladly and I don't suffer wicked cold temps at all!

And at the risk of alienating three siblings and a BIL who have January birthday's - who actually looks forward to January anyway? Honestly. I can't think of one time in my life that my ears bore witness to the phrase "Boy howdy, I just can't wait until January gets here!"

Granted this might just be a living in the Midwest problem (the greater Chicagoland area just doesn't "do" winter all that well). And for this Schmitty Triathlete the grass is always greener where its warmer....and where folks can bike and run and swim outside like nature intended.

So I officially move to cancel January. Who's with me?

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