Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Germs and other things

Its been a rough start to the 2013 season for The Triathlife. Jen is now in the throws of her second chest cold which makes doing things that involve heavy breathing -- swimming, biking and running (keep it clean you sickies) -- impossible. And I know I should be taking care of and coddling my ill-feeling better half but there are only two other things this Schmitty hates more than being, is missing workouts....and two, is people who use the word "meh" in social media (what does that even mean, anyway? Use your big people words!).

So out of my selfishness I keep my consoling to the verbal kind while I bathe myself in Purell, drink uber amounts of fluid, break out the Emergency, and put a couple extra drops of Thieves in my morning Oatmeal and afternoon Tea.

Athletically speaking its just been a B-minus sort of start to the year. Just training and training and training with nothing to show for it -- minus this one little measuring stick. And that was last Sunday morning. The first of a three-part indoor bike time trial (TT) series at the Well Fit. The fine folks at the Well Fit set the TT course into their line up of 24 Computrainers -- you arrive with your bike, you hook in, you warm up and then it's off we go against the clock.

Sunday was supposed to be a pancake flat 10k (which was suspect...that last 5k sure felt all up hill to this citizen cyclist). Race #2 will be a rolling course and Race #3 a hill climb -- which I would totally kill if it were outdoors...but watts per kilogram only works to a wee man's advantage when gravity is involved. On the trainer it's just one big fat thigh crushing spin.

And I don't know what was more disappointing to me on Sunday, my performance or that Coach Liz skipped over THE ONLY FOO FIGHTERS SONG IN THE MIX! And she skipped it for (gasp!) GANGNAM STYLE!!! A serious breach of workout music etiquette. Or hell....a breach of musical taste in general. Hey, I love me some Psy as much as the next lover of the here and gone, but in my book that gets a big ESPN's Chris Carter C'MON MAN!

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