Tuesday, April 16, 2013


This was the blog I started shortly after watching the live stream of the Boston Marathon yesterday morning...

Did y'all see any of the Boston Marathon women's race yesterday? Our top American - Shalane Flanagan - ran her heart out! I was so proud of her (disclosure: she's a Gatorade athlete)! She stayed with the chase pack right until the end and when it would have been so easy for her to drop back as the top three women charged toward the finish, you could just tell she was digging SO deep to stay in touch with the leaders. It was completely inspiring.

And of course later came the news of the horrible tragedy that occurred at the finish line. An event that is so full of hope and inspiration, gone terribly wrong. This one hit close to home. Very close to home. I've been at the Boston Marathon the past three years for work and had lots of colleagues and friends at that finish line. A lot of friends running the race. Thankfully, they are all safe. But not everyone can say that about their loved ones. And for that there are no words. My heart goes out to everyone who was in Boston and especially for those who lost or had loved ones injured in this senseless incident.

Thoughts and prayers for all. Go out and go for a run today. I did.


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