Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's July?! What the what?!

Le Tour is in full swing. I really don't like NBCSN's coverage. I wish we were back in the old Versus or OLN days. Far too many commercial breaks. Too much editing. Not enough description about the stage. Not enough misc Paul and Phil banter and history lessons about this castle and that landmark. No more Paul and Phil at the table pre and post race. NBCSN you get a failing grade from The Triathlife. What the what?

During the summa, Team Schmitty swims as much as we can in the Olympic-sized outdoor pool here in the OP. 50 full meters of bliss. Mostly. They monkeyed with the hours this summer -- typical...cut back hours, increase fees. But that's tangential to the original thought. At the pool they switched the locker rooms...the men's locker room became the women's and vice versa. A locker room sex change, if you will. My first "visit" to break in one of the new stalls and I encountered something rather unusual after positioning myself upon the was like I sat me bum in a sauna. Is it possible that they could have hooked the hot water up to the toilets? Is this something new? European? What the what?

RIPD looks like a potentially unassuming summer hit (it's not animated, it's not super hero-iffic). Jen wants to see it just because of Ryan Reynolds and his chiseled Canadian abs. Take a look at this trailer and tell me it this doesn't feel a lot like Men in Black but everyone is dead instead of an alien. What the what?

Spent the long holiday weekend with family in Michigan. Have triathlete will travel. Got in a run with my brother and some open water swimming in Lake Huron (Lake Michigan's cleaner, colder cousin) and I did about 300 squats re-shingling a beach-side shed. Say that three times I'll help you: beach-side shed, beach-side shed, beach-side shed...ha! I cheated, I used copy and paste;)

Drove back yesterday and this morning headed out at the crack of too early and completed our longest ride pre-70.3 race. 4 hours in the saddle (followed by a 30 minute brick run). Felt really good considering what we've done the last few days. I can't believe I'm almost ready for a race coming up here at the start of August. Then its two weeks off and I start to focus on 2 fall 1/2 marathons and the WDW Marathon in Jan. What the what?!


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