Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Please don't call it aqua jogging

'Cause that what the old ladies do in the aerobic pool...in their white sneakers...and their cartoonishly large foam dumbbells.

No, I deep water run (DWR). It's called that because it's performed in deep water and it's running.  Well, technically it's running...in so much as you are imitating running...under water...in a pool.

How can I describe to you what deep water running looks like. Hmmm...it looks like...it looks like...you know when Wile E. Coyote would try to take off after the Road Runner and his legs would spin wildly and there would be that revving up sound but he really wasn't going anywhere? Yeah, that.

It mostly sucks. But it's all I got right now.

If you've been following The Triathlife...it was confirmed that my foot injury before Steelhead 70.3 was, infact, a stress fracture. Of course I had convinced myself it was a soft tissue injury and had it treated as such. Ever had ART and Graston performed on a stress fracture? Twice? Yeah, that's just a little slice of awesome pie.

So as I posted previously, I did two-thirds of the race and the following week walked my sweet little Mickey Mouse Club self all over Disneyland for four days. Not really what a doctor would classically prescribe but I'm all about trying new forms of treatment;)

So I'm really just in week three of true recovery. And week two of my deep water running experiment. It's just ok. Coach Liz sent me a link to a 9 week DWR plan. It gives me some structure for the time being. Hoping to get the ok to bike when I see the Ortho doc later this week. 'Cause fall is one fine time to be out on two wheels.

Oh did I mention Lexus Lady followed us back to the gym at Loyola? We were first introduced to Lexus Lady 9 years ago at Loyola. Then we switched FFC in Oak Park and so did Lexus Lady (and Lexus Hubby). We are now back at Loyola...and so is the Lexus Lady!

Until recently Lexus Lady was simply a dolphin kick lovin curiosity. But now, well now you're beginning to make The Triathlife a little suspicious, Lexus Lady.

IIIIIII'mmmm watching you (*does the two finger eyes on you thing*).

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