Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Scramble - June 9, 2014

It's the Monday scramble.

Falling down is hard
Just wish one of these times when I get injured that I had a good story to go with it.

After putting in about 3.5 hours of epic southwest suburban Chicago road miles on Saturday morning, I decided to bypass the worsening traffic with some flatland TT miles along Centennial and I&MC Trails. It's about 13 miles from the Willow Springs Road trail head to 135th near Romeoville. The first 5 miles west of Willow Spring road are crap (now that they tore up the newer north of the canal trail for construction work) but if you can stand that kidney buster section without jettisoning any water bottles, then the last 8 are smooth stop signs and very little traffic in terms of other riders.

Thanks Walgreens!
On my return trip out by Lemont Road, distracted by my own thoughts and assessing upcoming traffic (cars/bikes), I completely missed the brightly colored steel gate lock thing on the ground at the trail head. Down I went. Hard. Hand, elbow, knee, hip, that order. There's no bailing off your bike when you're clipped in. The clipless pedals giveth and the clipless pedal taketh away...a lot of skin and ego. I shooed away any help and pity from curious onlookers, made sure my wheels were true, hopped back on the saddle and pedaled away as quickly as I could. My left hand hurt from impact and my left knee bled like a warrior. I held up really well the remainder of the ride, still felt ok when I got home and even after walking Lance. But upon waking from a quick nap my left wrist stopped working and was barking up a storm. So then, yada yada ER at Loyola Medical Center...yada yada clean x-ray...yada, yada sprained ligament/tendon...yada, yada I'm wearing a black wrist brace. I think my tweet on Saturday sums up my feelings.
All Hail Jesse - Winner of Eagleman 81.3!
The pro triathlete that I stalk My bestie and pro triathlete Jesse Thomas made a critical error over the weekend and added 11 miles to his ride at Eagleman IM70.3. Jesse still held it together and finished in a respectable 4:31 (see his race report here). I wouldn't have thought him any less if he had chosen to bail out of the race as soon as he realized his mistake, but I so do love that he finished. Too many pros in that position would have called it a day and saved themselves for the next race. But for us age groupers who deal with our own race highs and race lows, I find that sticking it out and finishing strong to be more inspirational than winning (and Jesse wins a lot). Jesse, The Triathlife salutes you. Saaaa-lute!

All Hail Amanda Wendorff - 2nd Place F35-39, Eagleman 70.3!
Friend of The Triathlife Amanda placed 2nd in her AG over the weekend at Eagleman IM70.3. Schmitty owes Amanda many thanks for turning him on to Swedish style swim goggles. Hey Amanda, looks like the long sleeve/heat acclimation training worked! The Triathlife salutes you. Saaaa-lute!


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