Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tuesday Scramble - June 24, 2014

It's the Tuesday scramble. Pleasant Prairie Triathlon edition.

Back and better than ever:
Swimmun an bikun an runnun
Jen's return to triathlon was made official over the weekend by competing in the Pleasant Prairie sprint distance -- just six months post double mastectomy and three months post reconstruction surgery. Seems like so much longer than that -- but when you're in the eye of the storm it always does. 

Jen has come out the other side of the off-season a very different person from the one that finished the Chicago Triathlon last August. Speaking as someone who witnessed Jen's every moment these past six months, this day celebrated BRAVE. She bravely faced her genetic test results...bravely took the preventative hard road...bravely "re-learned" how to carry stuff, stretch, do push-ups, perform planks...bravely put her swim suit back on and faced a public locker room in a new body laced with fresh scars...bravely got back in the pool...bravely got back to racing. 

I know it still feels very odd and different for you Jen but it was really good to see you get your race grit back on -- girl power and all that stuff;)

Post script: The Triathlife would like to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, emails, cards, texts and shout outs on the social media. I know it has meant a great deal to Jen. We have some totally freaky awesome family, friends and co-workers. The Triathlife salutes all of you. SAAA-LUTE!

Ok - now back to me - MEEEEEEEEEEE!
The wrist is back to mostly normal. But my kingdom for a fully functioning thumb! Just going to have to deal with it I suppose. I only had to take one week off from the pool but it had been two weeks since I was on a bike out on the road (I stayed in-doors on the trainer in aero since supporting myself on my left hand was quite painful).

On Saturday I didn't want my stoopid long training to be a  kink in Jen's pre-race logistics so we headed up to Pleasant Prairie early in the AM and I left on my bike from south east Wisconsin to parts unknown (leaving Jen to navigate packet pick up and to do some serious damage at the outlet malls). Being on unfamiliar roads I am always more comfortable navigating on my road bike. So I was forced to deal with my wrist/thumb on the "roads" around Kenosha. I can still feel every seam and separation of pavement (honestly Kenosha...its like a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just hit!). But it wasn't all bad. The Wisconsin farm land does make fer some purty ridin'. And most of the country-ish roads are in good shape. Outside of some really poor navigational choices, two very large Cujo farm dogs and the sudden 15 minute storm burst....well, it was one fine day to be out on my two wheeled steed.

Jen hates it when I go out riding alone. But similar to when I go for my long runs, I very mush enjoy the solitude. And I really like exploring. Map, shmap...just pointed my bike in a direction and looked for roads that were appealing. Granted, it's a bit of a gamble but it made for a very interesting 85 miles.

Give me a G!
There's a lake back there somewhere
Triathlon is a community sport. And Pleasant Prairie is certainly a community race for us in that we are bound to run into familiar faces.

This year was no exception. Special shout out to Monica, Jeremy, Jeff, Jim -- it was good seeing all of you as usual. And special shout out to Jen's work pals from Gatorade. For many this was their first Triathlon of any distance. I think everyone had a great time out despite the 90 minute fog delay.

And a special Triathlife salute to Monica and "Brooke" for your AG podium finishes. The Triathlife salutes you -- SAAAA-LUTE!

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