Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cothes Don't Make the Man

Another on-line order, another disappointment. Bought a swimmie suit from swimoutlet.com and it arrived last night. Its Nike. Never worn a Nike swimmie, thought I'd give it a ride. Suit sizes are funny. A men's 30 is measured via the waiste, I think. Generally this size fits me fine. I'm actually more of a 28/29 but when I go down to a size 28 the folks at Tyr and Speedo seem to think that a person of this waiste size can't possibly have a shred of thigh or leg muscles. Can't get the darn thing past my knees. While the 28 ends up being too small, a 30 ends up just north of perfect fit. The Nike is going to be that way. Feels good outside the pool but once wet and a little worn this jammer style suit is going to look more like board shorts. I have this problem with all my gear. No one makes an accurately mens small anything anymore. Its incedibly hard to find running tights that are tight, shirts that don't look like skirts, and tri shorts that don't end up riding all the way up my back so it doesn't look like my crotch is down around my knees. And its not just training gear; you should see me shop for pants at the mall. Most specialty stores don't carry mens pants smaller than 30" waist and none of the anchor stores (Macy's, Bloomingdale's) carry less than a 32". Shop from the JCrew catalog and you'll find that they do carry a 29" waist size but only comes in a 32" inseam - now that's one tall skinny son-of-a-bitch. Obviously there's a lot of these guys running around. Enough so that JCrew felt it needed to specially target the string bean market. There have to be other guys out there like me. I used to think I was average sized. Now I'm this close to shopping at Gap Kids!

Come to think of it, do you think garanimals makes tri gear?

- Him


Nathan Lyst said...

You should try finding clothes for the other end of the spectrum. The Clydesdales with 38+ waist and tree trunks for legs are equally difficult to clothe. I suggest you just buying big and running the dryer on extra hot!

J2 said...

Appreciate the suggestion Mr Lyst. And it got a good laugh. And yes there have been many a time that I have washed and dryed a pair of pants several times before they were wearable. Maybe we should open a Big and Small Store (as opposed to Big and Tall - get it? Its a cheeky play on words, baby!)