Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sick and Tired...

That about sums up the month of April. Things at work have been a bit more hectic than usual (to say the least) and mid-month I returned from my niece's 4-year-old birthday party with a lovely cold. I've also been traveling a lot for work, which adds to the stress and fatigue. I know, I know...somebody call the "whaaaa-mbulance."

I have a good life. I have a very lucrative job. I choose to do triathlons. And I love the triathlon lifestyle. However, my choice of career and triathlons don't always fit together nicely. In the PR agency world you are expected to work loooong days and travel is a must. And you never really, truly leave your work at work (curse of the Blackberry!). Triathlon means early mornings and lots of workouts for which I need both time and energy. Finding enough drive and focus for both my job and triathlon can sometimes be a bit much. So how do I reconcile this fairly large issue?

Well, clearly quitting my job is not an option (although finding a slightly less stressful job would be...although it would also most likely mean a pay cut). And giving up triathlons is not an option either. It's become too much a part of me. In fact, I would argue that it more defines me than my career does. And because it's that important to me, it also needs to be a priority in my life...just as much as my career and if I had kids.

So, during the month of May I need to be more committed to my triathlon training. That means trying to cut down some of the time at work. That means focusing more on my nutrition (and yes, finally cutting out that Diet Coke!). That means getting a ton of sleep (my body needs it) as I move into the peak of tri season. All of this will require me to be ultra-organized as I can't just drop all of my other responsibilities. But I'm also committed to having fun and being more relaxed. I think a better work/life balance will lead to a better me for everyone in the end. Cheers!

- Her

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Nicole said...

Thanks for writing this, lady. I feel the same way.