Saturday, April 5, 2008


I was supposed to write this post at the beginning of the week and it has now taken a slightly different tone. Most triathletes wear the hours they train as badges of honor and identity. I know I do. This was a bit of a recovery week for me - think of my training as a long hard run and this week was my one minute walk break to catch my breath.

This is all part of the theory of periodization training. The basic thinking here is that you break a period of training time up into segments to challenge the body, allow for adaptation, recover and challenge again. Like I said this past week was a recovery week. It doesn't actually say it one my workout calendar but I know the signs. Two recovery days. Shorter workouts. My coach was taking my training from me like a triathlon intervention of sorts. "Noooooooooo...I was just about to hit the 10 hour level on the training graph. I need to train. I have to train. Everyone else is training. Why oh why can't I train! My bike loves me. It needs me."

Boy I have a problem. I really had to remind myself why I needed this week. To take a walk break. Get a breather. Let my body catchup and heal. And now that the week is almost over I'm thinking how good it felt to sleep in two days and to have shorter workouts. I feel refreshed and can't wait for the next set of challenges...and maybe even the next recovery week.

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