Sunday, November 9, 2008

The cold blows

To quote Frank Barone - Holy Crap! 15 miler yesterday in the coldest weather of the season. Yes you heard it - I'm complaining...already. We've had a pretty good go of it this fall here in the Midwest. Which is why I've held off voicing my angst and disappointment with the ending of summer. Sure its been brisk a few mornings but nothing worth cursing about. And we've certainly had a brilliantly colorful fall - which has been missing the last several years. Well all that came to a screeching halt this weekend. I can't decide which word metaphor best encapsulates the kind of discomfort I experience when the weather turns like this - "a bitter, cold, stiff, bitch slap" or "a full body atomic wedgie." And that's just a training run in low 30s with the windchill in the high 20s and winds out of the west at 13 mph. Wait until you read about my disgust at the first snow. Only 10 more weeks until the Phoenix Marathon, but a fist shaking, teary eye inducing 7 months until the fist day of summer. Maybe I can talk to Mister Heat Miser.


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