Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weekly Diary

- I have a bum shoulder and a bum knee. The going reco among my thriath-friends is get it taken care of and by that they mean the shortest distance between injured and cured is the knife. I wonder if Northwestern Orthopedic offers "Two for Tuesday" deals or "BOGO Mondays."

- Based on the above, my racing calendar is in flux. "This was supposed to be the summer of George!" I keep shouting (Seinfeld reference...keep up with me folks). I don't know what to do and the waiting around for next steps is making me a little nutty. I have now become slave to meticulous planning in my athletic pursuits. I have forced myself to be a Type A triathlete because my Type B really wants to be competitive but needs help. Now my that my Type A has nothing to do, Type B is a little lost. Plus, anymore these days, races fill up so fast. If you're not right there ready to pounce when registration opens your season could be lost. Take for instance the oddly popular local Cary, Illinois March Madness Half Marathon. It sold out in 29 hours. WTH?!

- The 5 Hour Energy test Friday 1/9. I love my cup of joe in the morning. I looooove it. But I will forgo my morning beverage of the gods to consume a vile of the mystery elixir 5 Hour Energy. And if the wonderful world of paid TV testimonial endorsements are true and it makes NASCAR drivers more driveriffic and NFL standouts even more standoutty - well then, you can just imagine what it will do for me at the office on a Friday morning. I only wish there were more people around or at least a camera to document the affects. Given my personality I readily anticipate being able to power a small city with the buzz that I will have going. I will do my best to capture the play by play on the blog tomorrow.

- Him

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