Sunday, March 29, 2009

Opening up a tri shop in Nashville sounds good right about now.

Or maybe a Mellow Johnny's franchise.

So who turned off spring? Winter just can't go away silently. Old man winter is such a prick. So there were a few sloppy, slushy inches on the ground this morning. And because I took the skis off the chariot last weekend I was relegated to the trainer. Legs are shot that's for sure. After three months of not running and not biking I've kinda taken it to the last three weeks even though I was trying to also "take it easy." I think its starting to catch up with me. I had dead legs yesterday and dead legs again today. My lungs had more to give but I couldn't get the pop in my stroke. Really struggled through my Zone 4 intervals. I was supposed to ride 2 hours outdoors this morning if not for the snow. The equivalent on the trainer is outdoor time multiplied by .6 to factor in lack of coasting. And I'm not the only one on the trainer this weekend. I found this pic on Twitter. Who is this guy? He looks familiar.

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