Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You know what really grinds my gears...

Are people who can't park between the lines. I mean I understand your need to "paint outside the lines" and not be confined by the boundaries that society and "the man" puts on you but three separate idiots killed three perfectly good spots close to the door at the gym today.

Speaking of the gym...I hate people who don't put their weights away. If you're strong enough to carry it over or load up the bar, you are strong enough to put it away. I am convinced more and more that this is a byproduct of under disciplined kids whose parents did everything for them. I'm just sayin.

In other news I went to the gym this morning with Jen. She had a training session so I lifted as well. I kicked my own butt this morning and then fell asleep on the train as a result. Last night I caught up on a couple Letterman's while hammering in Zone three on the bike for 50 minutes. Given my conditioning, this weekends Salt Creek Tri-Club group ride is going to be tough. I'll be sucking wheel for sure.


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