Saturday, April 4, 2009

No Sugar For You!

Went to Masters swim this morning then off to run some quick errands so I recovered with punch flavored Endurox R4. But then went to Starbucks and recovered some more with a Mocha (no whip, skinny). Although its a bit of a spurge or dessert coffee there are refuel/recovery benefits of chocolate milk after a hard workout. No really, there is.

Then it was off to Whole Foods to start Jen's no sugar challenge. It's not only a challenge to eat this way but it's a challenge to find no sugar alternatives for everything from instant oatmeal packets to ketchup. Not to mention that it's also a challenge on the ol' budget. According to Jen's rules she does allow for honey and exceptions for after workout refueling. Naturally I'll participate through marital osmosis. I have to eat some of the same stuff until we can afford his and hers pantries;). I'd probably fully participate if it wasn't for my intense addiction to certain processed goodies like cereal (although to my credit most that I binge on is either organic, gluten free and/or uses cane juice or unprocessed/natural sweeteners). Seriously, Seinfeld's got nothing on me when it comes to this boxed delight (my current favorite is Whole Foods 360 brand Peanut Butter Pows).

I'll report back occasionally. This should be an interesting challenge to sort of take part in and even more interesting to witness.

Enjoy your day!

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