Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boy, I just got my a$$ kicked....

I hate strength training.  Despise it.  It's always the first thing to drop from my schedule when I'm "too busy."  And if I do get in a session at the gym, I hardly break a sweat because I just can't bring myself to push to the point of pain and fatigue on my own (I can when running or biking, but strength training?  no way!).  So I signed up with a personal trainer at our work gym (very cost efficient AND convenient!) and have found every excuse in the books to cancel on him week after week.  Until the last two weeks....

I seem to have finally made a commitment to my training schedule, including my strength training.  And I have now managed to make it to my trainer two weeks in a row (would have been three, but he was sick the week before last).  Go me!  And let me tell you, today he was on a mission to make me HURT.  We did a Cross Fit style workout where he wrote the exercise/reps on a wipe board and I worked my way through them as quickly as I could.  Jump rope, mountain climbers, squats ON the bosu ball, dead lifts, planks with alternating leg lifts, push ups on the bosu, squat jumps/burpee/push-up combo, bicycles.....and then finish with 250 meter sprints on the treadmill.  When I finished I was seeing stars and alternating between feeling like passing out or throwing up.  Luckily I did neither.

Now I must go stretch as I feel the DOMS already creeping its way through my muscles.  But I sure do feel good about getting it done, and the strength work will do me wonders on the hills around Madison on Sept. 11.  Can y'all please remind me of this when I want to skip next week?

- Her

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