Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. - Jan. 23 Edition

Wow, these weeks do pass quickly!  It's time again for another edition of The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.  And it's Jen here to get things started this week....

The Good.
Her:  This past week was the best training week I have had in MONTHS.  Six days of working out, including a two-a-day (biking and swimming) on Tuesday, and no skipped workouts!  I think I'm finally getting back into my groove.  And of course the last week of my diet detox can't go without mention.  I stayed true to the plan and finished out my 14 days on Friday.  A full post on my experience coming soon.  Boy did my Starbucks (decaf!) taste good yesterday. :)

Him: ^^^^ Yeah, I have to agree...there's nothing like nailing all your workouts. Your family life can be the stuff of reality TV and your work life can be insanity wrapped in chaos but nothing gives an amateur athlete the crazies more than missing workouts.

The Bad.
Her:  Not a whole lot bad with this past week, but I'll go with the fact that I was really dragging for my hill interval workout on the treadmill yesterday morning.  It was really a bummer that I struggled to even get in the same level of workout as I did last week.  I'm not sure if it was due to work stress, lack of fuel or something else, but it wasn't fun.  I did get the job done though.

Him: Had another visit with the masseuse for a game of let's find Schmitty's psoas muscle. Oh you've never heard your psoas? You've never seen it? That's because the good Lord hid it way deep down behind a bunch of stuff in your abdomen where you're not supposed to be able to get to it. Because when you do, it hurts like a mother. Why does she even tease me with the ambient lighting, the incense and the soft music. She's not foolin no one. She's there to inflict pain and suffering.

The Ugly.
Her: This hands down goes to the weather.  We have hardly seen a 30 degree day since like November, except for the one that dropped a crap-load of ice on all of the sidewalks.  Since it's been sub-freezing ever since, every surface is pure ice skating rink.  I can't walk to the train anymore and my poor dog can barely find a place to go to the bathroom.  An outside run?  Forget it.  I'm usually a pretty good sport about the winter weather, but this winter has been the pits.  I can barely wait to get to Florida in late February for a little reprieve from this miserable place!

Him: That Packers, Bears game just now. That was just terrible football. Not a fan of either but the cheesehead nation runs deep into my family roots. So cheers to my dad. Put your Packer yellow Crocs up on the foot stool and enjoy the win.

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