Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly

Going to try something here on The Triathlife....the first of a weekly installment.

The Good
Him: Got back on the saddle for the first time in two months. Seemingly no pain in the IT after two 50 minute spin sessions this week on Thursday and Sunday. I was more than happy to get reacquainted with Bob (yup, I named my Cervelo Bob).

Her: Even though I had a crazy week at work, I made it a point to end it on a positive note, with a late-Friday night swim with my hubby.  It definitely helped relieve some stress and helped keep my weekly volume at a reasonable level.  Glad to see it was a high point of his ^^^^^ week too. :)

The Bad
Him: Its still been 7 weeks since my last run and to tell you the truth I'm in no hurry to try. As long as I don't have pain its like I'm on the road to recovery. But if I try to run and there is still that is one big mind you know what. Also Jamie continues to skate by on Top Chef All-Stars. Oh the injustice of reality TV.

Her: So even though I got that end of week swim in, I still had two days of missed workouts preceding it.  Not a good way to start the new year of Ironman training.  This is no excuses time, so I need to stop making 'em.

The Ugly
Him: Put the razor away this week...and thank goodness it became acceptable for white dudes not named Telly Savalas to shave the dome. Its one damn ugly, patchy mess of a lawn up there. Not that I look any better going all skin from chin to neck. But at least its uniform.

Her: Me passed out on the couch at 7pm on Saturday night....all because I'm going through Starbucks withdrawal!!!  As much as I love the stuff, I gotta' tell you that it's a little scary that going cold turkey could cause me to feel THAT horrible!

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