Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What does your body tell you?

My body tells me no
But I won't quit
'Cause I want more, 'cause I want more!

Its still early in the season but I'm getting myself a little mentally psyched right now. This is just the type of stuff to pass the time during long hours/weeks of base training and race specific training.

My generally pessimistic nature rubs the wrong way against traditional motivational methods...self affirmation, locker room speeches, memories of loved ones. No, I like to feed my race day mojo with a whole heaping plate of steamy hot preparation and bits o' attitude sprinkled on top for taste. Sure pride cometh before the fall, but my best races were the result of having toed the line with a little bit of arrogance. I kinda believe that a "positive attitude" only masks fear and anxiety while confidence kicks self-doubt's lily white ass.

Music helps develop an attitude for me. It creates a mantra. Last season it was The Heavy's "How You Like Me Now." This season its seems like I just stumbled upon a solid anthem - Young the Giant's "My Body."

Now, I actually think the song was written as a metaphor for drugs and drug culture but some might say that being an endurance athlete is a type of drug. Sooooo, think about that...myeah.

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