Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Because I Choose To

I do what the book tells me to do. Today it said run. And I did. Well most of it. It said to run 1:15 and I put in 49 minutes and almost 7 miles. This season I'm using Carmichael Training Systems, "Time Crunched Triathlete." Its currently week 5 of the Advanced Olympic Plan. I don't have a race until June so I'm using this plan as base training for the up coming 70.3 plan. This isn't willy nilly. Its all on the up and up and prescribed in the book. The run was hard today and I didn't want to do it. But the book says that I had to. Sleepy Schmitty had to duke it out with later in the day angst Schmitty. Angst Schmitty won out but sleepy Schmitty negotiated the shorter time and distance. I still got in the core of the workout which was 5x3' Fartleks (@5:55-6:20 pace with a 3' recovery run b'tween intervals).

Today's attitude lesson came during interval 4. Found myself getting mad a Chris Carmichael during the workout. "Why is he making me run this!" Which is really stupid, I know. Carmichael doesn't know me from the guy on the corner taking a drag on a cig. No one *forces* me to run. And I don't run because I have to. I run for me. I run because I choose to.

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