Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Does Zoot make a good racing sandal?

Remember the Seinfeld bit from his opening stand up of "The Hamptons" episode (season 5 btw)? "Look at the work people do to get to the ocean. They'll fight the traffic and the heat and the parking and the hot sand. Trying to get through the waves, and the ironic thing is the ocean doesn't even want us in there. That's what surfing is. Surfing is the ocean throwing us out of itself, you see?

It is becoming more and more apparent that water doesn't like Schmitty - be it ocean, lake or Oak Park FFC lap pool. In fact, outside of a shower, there is no water situation that I can think of in recent memory where I thought to myself "boy howdy, today is a good day to get wet." Heck, I don't even like flume rides anymore. Seriously, what part of walking around in wet undies is fun?

To that end I've been thinking...I dread a third of all my workouts. I spend untold amounts of time convincing myself to go in the first place and then a second amount convincing myself to actually get into the water when I'm there.  And I have a riddle for you - What has two thumbs and goes to the gym, changes into his trunks, goes out to the pool deck then turns around gets showered, dressed, and heads home? THIS GUY!

I do have some unfinished triathlon business to attend to over this season and next. Then I am seriously thinking about switching over instead to be a 100% happy and very competitive (hopefully) duathlon age grouper. I wonder if that will be freeing or will feel like I'm giving up?



Anonymous said...

I say change the blog title and be happy.


J2 said...

Nathan - nice. Thanks. I have a feeling that Jen thinks I'm giving up. She has gone hardcore;)