Monday, August 15, 2011


This is it my friends.  My peak week of Ironman training.  After this it's all downhill from here....T-4 weeks and counting.  I'm really busy at work, so I'm not all that freaked out about the volume in front of me this week (read: I'm distracted), although my stress level went from about 3 to 100 billion after one day in the office.  I have 1.5-3 hours of training on the schedule every day this week except Wednesday.  It will culminate in 8.5 hours of training in Madison on Saturday and a run for good measure on Sunday (with about six hours of traveling thrown in there too).  But this is what it's all about....need to stay positive, focused and GET IT DONE!  I'm happy to say EPIC week started off on a great note....

Swim: 1:24:52, 3600 meters
Last morning lap swim at Ridgeland Common outdoor pool. And it was a gorgeous morning to be there. I was the first one there and started when it was still dark and there was a full moon very cool. And even better, I felt like a million bucks! Not sure if it was the rest week or just more consistency in my swimming, but I felt so smooth and this actually felt easy. I so wish I could have gotten in about 400 more, but I got whistled out at 3600 so that was that. Great morning!

For my sanity (and my husband's!), let's hope the rest of the week goes this well!  And now I need to go get some EPIC rest!

- Her

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