Friday, September 30, 2011

The furniture strikes back

Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon this weekend. Ready or not, it's go time.

Thankfully, this week is ending better than it began. Generally during taper most endurance athletes are extra cautious when it comes to taking care of themselves - no one wants to waste weeks of preparation and sacrifice by doing something stupid like getting injured or sick. Which brings me to last Sunday. My Lions were on the telly and I can't sit still when I'm watching the ebb and flow of the game. I pace or have to by up doing something. So I decided to clean the house (yeah, that's right. I said clean the house - wannafightaboutit?). So I'm cruising around with my Swiffer (honestly, god bless the Swiffer people) duster with one eye on the TV and whammo!

Now there two kinds of hurting yourself. The one where you're not too hurt but either out of frustration or embarrassment you let fly a tapestry of expletives disproportionate to the experienced episode...and then there's the other kind where the sting just takes the breath out of you. The crack of my littlest piggy against the table was definitely the latter. And it was not so much about the actual pain of the crushed toe but the pain of "why now!" - a la Nancy Kerrigan - WHY!!! WHY!!! WHY!!!

The toe looked like a misshapen concord grape for a few days but with lots if icing and buddy taping it seems to have turned out to be a bad sprain/bruise and not a break. Not exactly what you want during taper week. But at least it happened 7 days out and with a week before the race - the hay is in already the barn so to speak. Finally was able to test it out this morning and while the little guy was achy, I think I'll manage.

See you after the finish.

- Him

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