Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IMWI 2011 Video Log

More gratuitous Ironman content. The sites and sounds of Ironman start to finish (minus the run part since I was volunteering at an aid station and only have so many hands - can somebody say helmet cam?)

See you next year at Ironman Wisconsin 2012!

- Him


Laura said...

Why am I crying? I'm crying my eyes out!!!! LOVED watching Jen FLY down the finishing chute. LOVED it. :)

Also, thanks for the swimstart video. I am passing a link along to my friends that couldn't be there, if that's OK.

xxoo Whiz.

J2 said...

Totally cool to pass along the link. I loved being down on the path for the swim start. Always watched it from the helix or the top of the terrace. When you can see and hear it, its a whole other thing. I also cried when I saw Jen. It was so amazing to see her completely beaming and satisfied and proud. I still choke up watching the video.