Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's only a marathon

She has been insisting that I should be posting because I have the Milwaukee Marathon coming up next weekend. But given what she did a couple weekends ago, I keep feeling is that "it's only a marathon."

Running a marathon feels kinda like a student film compared to the effort Jen produced at Ironman Wisconsin. But here we go again, another fall another attempt at Boston. I really wish I could get to the point of running a marathon for the location or for fun. But Boston is an itch that I've been trying to scratch since I first figured out that I MIGHT be good enough to qualify.

This will be my 7th marathon although I've actually trained for 10. Along the way there were two no starts due to injury (stress fracture and ITBS) and one DNF that happened last fall in Philly. I had severe ITBS (again) and stopped running cold three weeks prior to race day and still tried to run. The pain came on during mile two and I bailed at 14. I didn't run again until the end of February. So I've been keeping my running volume way down this year even with all the training heading into the Door County Half Ironman back in July. Since then I've had only 11 weeks to get my legs popping (aggressive plans are 12 weeks and typical plans are 16-18).

So its up to Milwaukee next weekend. I'll be running with my brother Andrew. I actually left Andrew at mile 14 at Philly last year to finish on his own. Milwaukee is a point to point and they cap it at 3500 runners. I'm hoping that the course and the smaller field will make it feel more relaxed - like just going out for a regular weekend long run.

I wonder if the sausages will come out and run with us.


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