Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Goals

Hi Triathlife friends!  It's been a while since I've posted, since I've been busy being lazy AND we've been out enjoying this gorgeous fall weather!

Jon and Lance on one of our weekend family walks!
BUT, it's now been four weeks since Ironman and it's time to get myself back on track.  Ironman training will be starting back up before I know it and NOW is the time to get my body into solid shape to be able to better withstand high volume training than it did this year.  At the same time I have to balance not doing too much, too soon as Ironman Wisconsin 2012 is still eleven months away and I don't want to risk burnout.  So here are the goals I've set for myself for the month of October:

1.  Work out 4-5x per week - mix of swim/bike/run with strength and yoga

2.  See my personal trainer at least one time per week

3. Incorporate yoga at least one time per week

4. Clean up the diet - no gluten, reduce sugar, add fruits and veggies

5. Lose THREE pounds

These goals should all be very realistic for me and I'm excited about starting to clean up my engine and get it ready for a great year ahead.  Do any of you have fall goals?  If so, please share so we can help keep each other motivated!

I'll be back soon with a post on my nutrition plan that will hopefully help me lose those three pounds!

- Her

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J2 said...

Toga! Toga! Toga!...oh you said YOGA.