Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week in review

Monday - Alarm time: none
Rest day. Nothing to report. Slept way in...which means 7am. Plus it was MLK day. The office "observed" the, um, holiday. Is that what we call MLK day? A holiday? I'm a dumb, small, white male. I'm not supposed to comment on these things.
Tuesday - Alarm Time: 6:00am
Supposed to be class night at Well-Fit. We were anticipating really bad weather that didn't materialize so I wasn't prepared to hustle out the door come 5pm. It takes a certain amount of pre-planning during the day with regard to work flow and then equipment and doggie prep so that when Jen walks through the door we can leave to battle rush hour traffic back downtown. Still got in 55 minutes on the trainer to get in the prescribed bike workout for the night (some high cadence followed by lots of big ring mashing) and 15 minutes of strength work to cool down.
Wednesday - Alarm time: 4:40am. Out the door: 5:00am
Elliptical / Treadmill - Oh, so I started back on my ITBS strength regimen. In fact this is week two of ITBS watch 2012. I don't have full blown issues but I had a flare up...which serves me right. I got a little lax in my ITBS diligence....specific workouts and stretching (pre and post run). Went to see my ART doc at ActiveBody to get some work last week. My issues stem from my glute and hip flexors and down into my upper quad. I have torqued hips so its like I'm running on a slanted road even when I'm running on a flat surface. Key here is getting my hips flexible and getting the chain in my right leg (glute, quad, hamstring) as strong as possible. Also ordered some new 4" wide kinesio tape from Rock Tape. Actually from this great site called Great resource for all manner of kinesio tape and application instructions from all the makers. Like I mentioned I like Rock Tape (stickier) and this extra wide 4" tape makes it super easy to tape your IT. Once long strip and done. So its dial back time which includes supplementing with some elliptical. Key is high turnover....can't get lazy with the elliptical. When supplementing you still have to push. Warmed up on the elliptical for 20 minutes then did 8x400 on the treadmill (started at 6:10 pace and finished at 5:50 pace). 30" rest in between each 400. Then 10 minutes on the elliptical to cool down.
Thursday - Alarm time: 4:30am. Out the door: 5:35am
Swim at the UIC with coach Tim and Well Fit. I really like coach Tim. It takes a lot of commitment and love of the sport to be so pumped up that early in the morning. Although I'm sure his staple Dunking Donuts coffee helps a bit.  He's like having a cheerleader on the deck and not at all overbearing with his instruction. Throughout the 8-weeks he seems to have identified one glitch, hic-up or missing piece to help each swimmer. For me it was hand entry into the water. Not a big thing but it was my pre-season item to work on that has already paid big dividends. There's no way I would have worked Wednesday's workout as hard as I did on my own. Thanks Tim.
Friday - Alarm time: 4:20. Out the door: 4:55. 
Another elliptical/run.  Two miles of tempo running on the treadmill (6:45 ish pace) sandwiched between WU and CD on the elliptical. Strength training later in the day at home - all body weight stuff and ITBS specific.
Saturday - Alarm time: 5:00am. On the bike trainer: 5:30am.
With two of us training on the same schedule there is now a line for the trainer in the morning. I took the early shift so we're not both working out until noon. Besides, I'm a get up and get it out of the way guy and I also had some snow shoveling to get to. Mixed bag workout but it allowed me to get caught up on my Letterman watching. Hands down best guest this past week was Ricky Gervais. His 21st appearance seated next to Dave. Always delivers. Last week Dave added special effects to his live in show tweets but also declared this would be his last on Twitter. Dave just hasn't been feeling the twitter love complaining that CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley has "10 million" followers while Dave only has a paltry 150K+. Poor Dave. 
Sunday - Alarm time: 6:00am. Out the door: 6:55am
Elliptical/run - hill work this time. Treadmill time was spent rocking out 8x1' hill intervals (1' of 20"each of 5,6,7% incline) with 1' same pace recovery btween each. This followed by 35 minutes of strength training.  Couple hours later at home added another 30 minutes on the bike trainer. Today's edition of old man angst involves those folks that go to the gym dressed. I don't know if they are to bashful to use the locker rooms or that they think they are saving time. But in the winter most of these folks wear their gym shoes door to door and into the gym. And with them they bring along all the grey slush and salt and crap that comes with a midwest winter. That stuff gets all over the floors and equipment. Schmitty no likey.

Currently sitting in my favorite chair having just filled my belly with a bit of gluten free lasagna, glutten free cheddar biscuits, side salad and a glass of pinot. All the eats provided by Her. Boy howdy them was fine vittles.

A pretty good week indeed.


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