Thursday, April 26, 2012


 Hi there - its been a while c'mon in!

Man where have we gone. Need to get on a schedule to keep posting on a regular basis. Lots going on here in the triathlife household. Lets see here:
  • Just came off a rest week so we are entering yet another volume building cycle of training. This week we will hit almost 12 hours if we get it all in. 3.5 hour bike on tap this weekend and we still are in the middle of kinda crap weather. And I don't buy that "well it could be raining or windy or crappy on race day" thinking. If I don't have to deal with the elements I don't. But this weekend my mind and my arse are kinda made up. I'm done with multiple hour training rides on the trainer. Besides...the DVR is almost empty. 
  • This past week we had swim, run and bike tests to gauge fitness. Jen rocked her swim and I kinda phoned mine in (fastest times at the start and finish with even Stephen in between). Jen ran out of her shoes for her run test. I actually said this out loud "I didn't know you could run that fast anymore." Since I've been running injured or recovery running I finally decided to throw down just a little. I turned in around a 6:50 tempo pace for three miles. Not bad for not doing any tempo or speed work since Sept. Our bikes tests were suboptimal. But so were we. I think we were both keyed up and felt great at the start and then after warm ups we mentally crashed just as were starting. Peaked at the wrong time and took on some nutrition during warm up that my stomach was choking on. And not even bring my own tunes could help me out of that hole - but I did create one very kick a$$ Foo Fighters playlist. 
  • Jen picks up her "forever" bike this weekend - forever meaning she finally invested in a serious bike. Sure the bikes we currently have work just fine (its not about the bike, its about the motor) but we purchased our original bikes to dip our toe in the triathlon waters. This time around Jen opted for something a little more serious. She didn't go hog wild but its not a town cruiser either. Posting more about this later this weekend.
  • Speaking of new gear, check it:
    Jen refuses to let me wear this number to class on Thursday nights but she has agreed to let me wear it to the FFC and to the outdoor pool. I may just be the right amount of dorky to pull this off. People generally know me at the pool as the flailing, skinny, bald guy. But now I'll be the flailing, skinny, bald guy with that godawful suit. Freakin sweet.
- Him


John said...

All to easy to comment on the swimsuit, but I will say that you ARE indeed dorky enough to pull it off.

J2 said...
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J2 said...
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J2 said...

I'm taking back the outdoor pool. You can only wear it to FFC. And only at 5am when there's hardly anyone else there. And only if you are swimming in a separate lane. Those are the rules of the godawful suit. -- HER

J2 said...

Those are the rules?! I'll remind you of who wears the square legged pollock inspired swim fancies around here missy.


Anonymous said...

Boo. You should buy 4 of them and wear them for all swims. Better yet get it as a speedo and bust that out.

Julie said...

I fully support the funky looking swim trunks! In fact, I can send along some speedos from my HS swimming days to compliment ;)

Loving that the blog is back up & can't wait to see Jen's forever bike!

J2 said...

Thanks for the suit support and glad to be back. Taking pics of Jens fitting tonight. Will post later.