Friday, April 27, 2012

Will the real Triathlife please stand up

Via the social webs I follow pro triathlete Jesse Thomas (@jessemthomas on the twitters). He seems pretty crazy, doesn't take himself too seriously and really seems to enjoy sport and life. I mean how can you not like a dude who rocked to his first triathlon win at Wildflower last year in a pair of aviators. Highway to the dander zone indeed!

Here's the thing, although his URL is he subtitles his site - "The Triathlife of Jesse Thomas." Wait, whuuu? Where have I seen that before...oh yeah, its up there in the header (minus the Jesse Thomas part - that would just be silly).

And if that wasn't enough, for the last few months he's been writing a column for Triathlete called "The Triathlife."

Now, I don't claim to have invented the moniker "The Triathlife" (not legally anyway - so don't piss me off or do anything stupid Mr. Thomas;) ). And I can't quite remember the exact genesis of that name for our blog (if I recall Jen vetoed "Triathlons are for Schmit" and "The Triathlife" was simply next on the list). But I do know that we've been writing under said name plate since 2008.

Bottom line....Like I said I really dig this dude so its kind of cool that he's out there gettin it done and that in some weird cosmic coincidence we both landed on the name "The Triathlife". Or maybe he actually visited my humble, wee corner of the blogosphere along the way and the name stuck with him.

The web is a pretty big place so perhaps there's room for two Triathlifes out in the ether. For now.

- Him

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