Friday, May 4, 2012

40 - A decade of awesome!

So decade four, we finally meet. You seem nervous and twitchy. Oh, right. I gather most people greet you with a swift kick to the business.

But fear not decade four, I am your friend. And friends are honest with friends. So decade four - and I'm just keepin it real here - what you are, what you have been, isn't going to work for me. It isn't going to work for us. So strap on decade four cause I am giving you one hell of a freakin makeover. And when I'm through with you decade four, you will be known simply as decade awesome.

To demonstrate:
Larry Smartassenberg: "So, like, just how old are you, old person?"
Me: "Me? I'm FORTY-AWESOME. Boom, that just happened!"

That's right decade four, we are going to make people's faces melt with our awesomeness.


And in Iron news last night's @WellFitTriClub swim was a full on beast. Everyone in cotton t-shirts to start for plenty of extra drag. But we were having  too much fun so coach Keith threw down some tarzan swim sets upon us. What is a tarzan swim set. Click play.

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