Thursday, May 3, 2012

We have an accord!

Triathlife powers - activate!

As a follow up to my post from last Friday (Will the real Triathlife please stand up)  I wanted to let my reading public know (all two of you - hey mom and dad!) that my new best friend - pro triathlete and defending Wildflower Triathlon champion - Jesse Thomas and I (that restraining order was pretty funny Jesse, you are such a cut up!) have come to an accord.

You see, 9 out of 10 scientists agree there is discernible shortage of Triathlife in the world. And while one Triathlife is certainly a step in the right direction, TWO Triathlifes can only be summed up as - AWE-SOOOOOOME!

Speaking of Jesse and Wildflower - Good luck this weekend, Jesse! Fighter pilots, fans of Top Gun and the league of wanna-be aviator wearers everywhere will be cheering you on. (If you want to know what Jess has been up to of late and what a defending champion's schedule looks like, click here:

Iron thought of the day....a two person household training for Ironman generates as much laundry as The Duggars. That, my friend, is science fact! And now you know.

- Him

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