Monday, May 21, 2012

Where everybody knows your name

Its another Iron Monday at The Triathlife and this year training with @WellFitTriClub Iron Mondays mean shwimmin time at the FFC.  2800 on tap this morning. 25 meters at time.

Any time you rock the gym or the gym pool on a consistent basis you get to know the regulars. And unless you're a Joe or Jane McTalky-Talkerton, you're like me and you secretly name the other regulars by their idiosyncrasys - the 10 year old 5k race t-shirt they always wear, a personality trait or tick, that they never towel up while in the locker room. The usual gym going stuff.

From all of our time in the pool at the FFC, Jen or I can refer to one of our nameless lane mates simply as "lexus lady, "grumpy lady," "the splasher," or "cooler guy" and we know exactly who the other is referring too. Well for today's blog post, enter "cooler guy." Cooler Guy is always in the first lane. Always. But today Jen and I were in the first lane and, as I quickly found out, the first lane really is a conscious choice by Cooler Guy since he sincerely made a point to ask that we tap him on the shoulder when we were five minutes from leaving so he could jump in said lane. Of course then that's all I could think about the first half of the workout - Why did he need the first lane? Was the water different? What did he know about the first lane that I didn't? Oh the madness!

Cooler Guy is definitely flying his own flag. Maybe you've guessed by now but Cooler Guy isn't a clever moniker. Its because he brings a cooler to the deck with him. And he's the only one who brings a cooler to the deck. So, sorry dude - you are Cooler Guy. And I mean a heavy duty cooler - you know, the "I hang sheet rock for a living" kind of cooler. We always assumed that was how he hauled his swim toys to and fro. Nay. As we discovered today for the first time, he really does carry food and drink in the cooler. I suppose he could have a blood sugar thing going on. Or maybe he just likes to stop for a Reuben every 2000 meters or so. I don't know. That is all part of Cooler Guy's mystique.

We max out at 14 hours of Iron goodness this week. One hour plus down already today with a 60 minute trainer ride later this evening. Tally ho!

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