Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The onset of DUMS

No not DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  Rather....

DUMS - Decreasingly Useful Mind Syndrome.  

In some medical journals DUMS is also referred to as Ironhead - the inverse relationship of training volume and cognitive function.

Last year I witnessed first hand as Jen slowly succumbed to the DUMS the deeper she got into summer and into her training...slowly loosing grip on her faculties and self awareness. With the DUMS manifesting itself both mentally and physically, I watched helplessly as her head and limbs fell victim to every furniture corner and low hanging open cabinet door. We knew she had hit rock bottom when I was on the victorious side of a disagreement that relied on the correct recall of the date and time of a past event. It was all we could do to hold it together until the completion and passing of Ironman Wisconsin last year.

Now with my Ironman training in full bloom I too am falling victim to the DUMS. My immune system is compromised by the increased training volume and I have been unable to fight off the virus as I did last year. Now we both have it. Excessive yawning....the inability to perform simple math...short and long term memory degradation. I find myself transfixed on my computer screen at work, mouth gaped, just staring (I mean more than the usual). I've sent more than one unintentional email and just last week an empty dog bowl sat on the counter while a cereal bowl full of dog food was placed in front of Lance. Poor boy. These are confusing times indeed.


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