Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Wow....lets get the obvious out of the way....its all crickets up in this piece. Working, training, working, training. And I've had a lot of stuff to tell you too...funny stuff...observational stuff...awesome stuff....but now that I'm sitting here I can't remember a single nugget of the wit and wisdom that I had been filing away. Trust me...would have been life changing.

Anyway...on with the show.

This is what a race-cation condo looks like.
We're up in Door County, Wisconsin once again for the Door County Half Iron Man. Actually we already raced but we stayed up for a couple extra days of vacation. Or as The Triathlife calls it...a "race-cation" (copyright pending).

A race-cation is defined as - epic race followed by equally epic multi-day recovery in locale other than home town. And Door County, Wisconsin is one fine place to be for a race-cation.

(l-r) Anne, Jen and Megan on worlds largest Adirondack chair
We had the pleasure of sharing most of this race-cation with our friends, Matt & Anne and Kevin & Megan (Matt, Kevin, Jen and I all raced - more on that in the race report that we'll post soon enough). Along the way we enjoyed the finest tourism stuff that Egg Harbor, Fish Creek and Ephraim, Wisconsin has to offer. We even had a D list celebrity moment by way of a post race dinner at the Wickman House in the company of Survivor Nicaragua second runner up Sash (Matt Lenahan). It was a friends of friends of friends of "sure you two can tag along too" thing (speaking of me and Jen) but Matt was more than happy and patient to put up with this fan boys probing inquiries from across the table.

Alas, race-cations can't last forever and so we leave tomorrow with an over abundance of sunburn, memories, and local confectionery items. Really looking forward to bringing my boy home from the doggy hotel for a few days before heading back up to Madison to ride the course this weekend (my poor Iron-doggie is turning into an Iron-orphan).

Sheesh, had we been smart we would have stayed the week here and driven across the state on Saturday afternoon.

Be on the look out for that race report later this week...including a geographical finding that will blow your mind.

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