Monday, August 27, 2012

The hay is in the barn

Its been over a month since The Triathlife has spoken. A very busy month. Lots of training. Lots of logistics.

So here we are...less than two weeks to go until Ironman Wisconsin 2012. Most coaches worth their salt will tell you that there is nothing more you can do at this point...the hay is in the barn so to speak...this is one exam where cramming will do nothing but hurt you. Going to spend this next week sleeping as much as I can, hydrating like a fish and getting all my gear in order. Come the week of Ironman I want to turn into a tri-bot. Just enjoy. Just execute. No thinking. No panicking.

But prepare yourself...with less training I have more time to think...that means I will finally finish my race report from the Door County Half Ironman and I have some other post ideas pinballing around in me noggin.

Bring on the taper.

- Him

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