Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ironman Customer Service, We Applaud Thee

I'd like to give the Ironman customer service peoples (World Triathlon Corporation) a Triathlife shout out.

By the time I crossed the finish at Ironman Wisconsin they had either run out of my size finisher shirt or, even more egregious, they never had my size to begin with (which is what I was actually told). And you have to understand that one of the perks of finishing an Ironman is being able to SAY you are an Ironman. And what better way to make this proclamation to the people of the world than to wear a "Ironman Finisher" shirt to the gym, out on a run, to church or your upcoming client dinner.

And with the large kimono sized shirt that was handed to me, that wasn't going to happen.

Well, I wasn't going to be denied a proper fitting finisher shirt and as the Ironman mantra goes..."Anything is Possible!" so I busted out an email to their customer service. It went something like this...
"Hey there Ironman Wisconsin -

Thanks again for the great event.

I was really disappointed to find out that there were no men's small finisher t-shirts. I received a large when I should have received a small and was told that there were no smalls available - just L and XL.

Humor me here and follow along with my logic...

When I registered you asked me for my t-shirt size. Then you went the extra step and printed said t-shirt size right there on the bottom of the bib ("T-shirt Size: Mens Small"). If you went through all the trouble to ask for my size, and then pay to have that data correlated and the information printed on the bib, wouldn't it stand to reason that upon finishing I would receive a small mens t-shirt?
I'm being a smart ass but only because of the slight I received when I asked your t-shirt guy at the finish (NOT a volunteer - he was part of your crew). He said you never had men's smalls, only L and XL. Is that true? If it is, then I would advise you indicate to your male athletes that only mens L and XL will be available at the finish. 'Cause right now I am stuck with a really nice k-swiss kimono. 

Bottom line: Is there some possible way that I can still get a men's small?"
I did this. My shirt says so and junk.
To their credit, World Triathlon Corporation responded immediately (auto generated, but still) and true to their auto response word, a real someone did email be back "shortly" and said there would another run of these finisher tech t-shirts and that they would send one when it became available.

And sure enough....this past weekend my official Ironman Wisconsin finisher t-shirt arrived and was immediately put in my gym bag to be shown off worn to my workout on Monday night.

So a tip of the Triathlife hat to the fine customer service folks at The World Triathlon corp. We applaud thee.

- Him

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hmmm...i haven't gotten my medium yet! :(