Friday, November 9, 2012

So Happy Together

Up until the fall of 2010 we were Jen and Jon, Team Schmitty, married yes, but very much separate when it came to our lives as age group runners/triathletes. Both of us doing our own thing when it came to training and racing. And even if we happened to race together at mass start events we did it mullet style - I was all business in the front and Jen was all party in the back. 

That all changed when it came to doing Ironman. We signed up to train last fall/winter with WellFit in Chicago and then signed right back up for WellFit's Ironman Wisconsin training program through the winter, spring and summer. So for the first time in the history of Team Schmitty we did ALL of our workouts together. I'm not saying we did them all side-by-side holding hands and skipping (although our IM finish photo would say otherwise) but we followed the same daily training plan (note - now is not the post to debate the merit of group training versus individual training). Although I was hesitant going into this agreement, it turns out I do rather enjoy working out together. In fact I kinda rely on it most days. It's nice to have someone else there when you need a push out the door. Of course that marital pressure works conversely too, especially on cold winter mornings when Team Schmitty is s'posed to be shwimmin laps at the pool

Now that the debauchery of the off season is over we have decided to continue working with Coach Liz from Well Fit. We are even doing tri specific cross fit strength work with the same trainer at the FFC (along with friend Matt).  

Last year we had the same end goal. This year we'll be doing many of the same races but with very different goals and my season will extend further out into the fall and winter as I make another run at a BQ with the Disney Marathon in Jan 2014. I wonder though....if all this togetherness drives Team Schmitty apart....who gets custody of The Triathlife?


- HIM  

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