Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Oh, we're still doing that?

This was my response to Him yesterday when he told me he posted to our blog. I figured since I hadn’t even bothered to post a recap of my Ironman Wisconsin experience (it hurt, A LOT…but somehow I still managed to eek out a one hour PR!) that there was nothing but cobwebs growing here where The Triathlife once thrived. But, since apparently our little corner of the Interwebs is still alive and well, I guess it’s time for me to get with the program and get back to posting! So, what have I been up to the last few months?

1. I took a nice long two month break after Ironman. I had grand plans of trying new classes at the gym and coffee shop bike rides on weekends. But let’s face it, when I don’t have someone telling me what to do, I’m ALWAYS going to choose sleep. And so sleep (and eat) I did.

2. Enter Coach Liz. After seeing some really great results working with Liz under Well-Fit’s Ironman program the last two years (especially this past season…PRs in every tri distance!), Him and I decided to keep working with Coach Liz in the upcoming season. Structure is GREAT for me and without it, I’d be. well, sleeping. So we started training with Coach Liz at the helm on Nov. 1.

3. We’ve been in “pre-season” training for the last six weeks or so, and to be honest I am STILL trying to break out of my laziness rut. It’s even harder during the holidays when you have so many other things begging for your attention, but I know that now is the time to get started. Not in January when I would be four months de-conditioned and about 15 lbs heavier.

4. Speaking of heavier, we have been eating out at some lovely restaurants. This is something we didn’t have time for during Ironman training and boy have we been taking advantage of this less time-intensive training schedule! Two of my favorite meals:
  • Girl & the Goat…yes, everyone raves about this place, and as big Top Chef fans we couldn't wait to try it. It only took me about six months to get reservations, but it was so worth it. The server showed up and immediately asked if they should know about any food allergies (yes! gluten!). And she immediately walked through the entire menu with me so I knew what was safe to eat. Then she brought warm, homemade gluten free bread to the table! Heaven. I’m in love. Oh, and the goat empanadas...yes please!! 
  • Autre Monde…lucky for us, this little neighborhood gem is only about a block from Casa de Schmitty. We went with our good friends Matt & Anne for my birthday and spent about 2 ½ hours drinking and dining. It was fantastic and we plan to go back for New Year’s Eve!
5. We have almost solidified our race schedules for 2013. The beginning of the season will be focused on going faster, which I’m really excited about after two years of sloooooow Ironman training. And then the “A” race will be Ironman 70.3 Steelhead. No, not a full Ironman, just an Ironman branded HALF ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run). We’ll end the season with a half marathon or two. Lots of racing ahead, which is the big benefit to NOT Ironman training!

Source: Ironman.com
Hope everyone is having a happy and healthy holiday season! Back with more updates soon.



Julie said...

Exciting to have the blog back in action. I've missed it! Glad you've enjoyed some good meals and sleep. I totally agree on structure, too. Hence why I am anxious to start training AND working in 2013, haha.

J2 said...

Thanks Julie! I think you're our biggest fan. :) And no need to work to have structure...you can just pretend you're a pro triathlete and structure your days around training! Ha ha. Ironman Canada here you come!!! -- Her