Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Does it ever stop?

Can't let the end of 2012 come and go without a look at the numbers. Just how much time did I spend being a 40 year old with a serious triathlon habit.

2012 totals
Bike: 205hrs - 3,466 Mi
Run: 100hrs - 742 Mi
Swim: 67hrs - 166,560 M
Strength: 45hrs

417 hours of being awesome. If I freelanced as a triathlete - I would need to submit time sheets for 5 weeks of work. If I put all the biking into a single distance....its as if I pedaled my way from Houlton, Maine to Los Angeles, California.

Honestly, I know plenty of other folks who put in more time and covered far more distance than I did last year. I'm not writing this to compare manhoods...or personhood. I equate this exercise to saving all your pocket change. When that last penny reaches the lip of the wine jug its off to the Piggly Wiggly to feed Coin Star and find out just how much money you saved.

I think it goes without saying that for The Triathlife this is not just a hobby. Its a habit and a lifestyle. To answer the question asked of Jen and I over Christmas dinner: "How long do you plan on doing this...does it ever stop?"

Well, no...never....there's just no finish line for The Triathlife.

What about you? Is there a finish line for you? Is it about training for and completing a certain event or are you setting a lifestyle for yourself...your family? Would love to hear other perspectives.


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